Health & Safety Conference ?

Swindon TUC and the Trade Union Education Centre are looking to organisation a day conference for Health & Safety reps in the area. Below is the letter being sent out to union branches, together with a feedback form to guage the level of interest.

Swindon Trades Union Council, in conjunction with the Trade Union Education Centre at New College, is considering organising a one day conference for Health & Safety reps in the Swindon area.
One of the most positive things about the TUC Health & Safety courses is that they provide the opportunity for reps to meet people in other unions, industries and workplaces, learning from each others experience. After they finish the Stage 1 and 2 courses, there is no framework for meeting other reps again. Some unions run their own courses so their reps never meet H&S reps from other unions.

The one day conference we would like to organise would be an opportunity to bring together H&S reps in the area to:

• Discuss contemporary issues relating to H&S law and its operation;
• Provide the opportunity for reps to report on their experience in their own workplace – successes and problems – and to learn from the experience of others.

Currently there is not a means of generalising from the work of reps in individual workplaces. If the local labour movement had more idea of common problems across workplaces, we could help H&S reps to develop ‘best practice’ in order to improve H&S in the many workplaces in the area.

We would envisage the day comprising an opening session with speakers talking about H&S policy – government policy, problems with the HSE etc – to be followed by discussions in small groups, which would provide delegates with the opportunity to discuss their workplace experience and problems in a more informal setting. These groups could report back on their discussions. A final session could discuss how useful delegates found the proceedings and what we might do together in the future.

• Should we have an annual meeting?
• Might we organise an event on Workers memorial day?
• Might there be an email information/discussion list for H&S reps in Swindon?

Other ideas may well emerge during the course of discussion.

Before we set about organising a day’s event, however, we are writing to union branches and asking them to circulate this letter to their H&S reps, together with a questionnaire (enclosed), to test out the level of interest and potential attendance. If you think the event would be useful please fill in the questionnaire and return it to us asap.

Please let us have any ideas or suggestions.

Many thanks

Martin Wicks
Secretary Swindon Trades Union Council

If you are interested in attending such a conference please email the detail requested below.





Would you be able to arrange for release to attend on a weekday? Y / NComments (please write down any suggestions for issues that you think should be dealt with on the day or any general comments)


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