Liberalisation has squeezed Royal Mail

This is a letter in support of the CWU strikers, printed by the Swindon Advertiser.

Although the strike by CWU members in Royal Mail is formally a pay dispute, it is the result of the crazy liberalisation of the postal service, supported enthusiastically by the Blair/Brown government.

Like the market introduced in the NHS, it is a rigged one. Private competitors do not have to invest in the massive infrastructure necessary to deliver mail.

Royal Mail has to deliver mail for its competitors.


Liberalisation can only lead to the destruction of the post as a public service. It threatens the Universal Service Obligation through which a universal price is maintained, whatever the distance the post has to travel.

In order to shape up for competition Royal Mail is seeking to cut tens of thousands of jobs and worsen the service it provides, in order to compete in this rigged market.

The CWU industrial action is therefore against the destruction of jobs and the service it provides. Both trades unionists and service users should support the struggle of the CWU against this market madness.

M Wicks.

Secretary, Swindon TUC


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