The strange case of Leyton Orient and the postal workers dispute

Why would 66 Leyton Orient supporters visit a Swindon TUC website to read an article (http://swindontuc.wordpress.xom/2007/08/07/postal-workers-stage-walk-out/ ) reproduced from the local paper, on an unofficial walk out by Swindon Postal workers? No, it’s not a trick question. It is a weird example of the unexpected connections which happen on the internet.

Since ‘wordpress’ records the origins of visits to you web site, you can trace them. It appears that somebody (with the unlikely moniker of ‘Euripides Trousers’) posted a link to the Swindon TUC web site on the Leyton Orient supporters chat site. There must have been some discussion on the postal workers’ strike action, possibly prompted by ‘SwindonO’, a Leyton Orient fan exiled to the far reaches of Wiltshire, and working for the Royal Mail.

‘SwindonO’ gives an inside account of the walk-out:

“I was one of the posties that walked out at dorcan in support of the two union members that were moved from hawksworth. The unofficial strike only lasted an hour at our office but it made the big guys see that we will not be walked over and this dispute is far from over.

This morning our boss told us that the planned strike in our office for thursday night/friday morning was off and we will have to work, the union rep comes along say’s it is all lies and the strike is on. Seems to be a cat and mouse game at the moment.”


4 Responses to The strange case of Leyton Orient and the postal workers dispute

  1. Nice to see some recognition for my web surfing!

    Good luck and solidarity to the Swindon posties and all the CWU members until the dispute is brought to a full and satisfactory conclusion.

  2. coolred says:

    Yes, a full and satisfactory conclusion being privatisation of the postal serice.

  3. xyz says:

    Ignore ‘coolred’. Seems that he’s a youngster whose heroes are Richard Littlejohn and John ‘Gaunty’ Gaunt.
    Oh, and don’t let Murdoch and his TNT scab servixe get hold of out mail.

  4. KilkennyO says:

    I agree with Coolred, and actually quite like the fella – again I must state that I tend not to follow the crowd.

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