Truth behind the postal strife

The following letter is from the Swindon Advertiser. It is a response from the CWU to a previous letter attacking postal workers.

In reply to Eric Sadler’s ‘They should be sorry for striking’ letter (SA, August 10), our members would like to relay some true facts to the public about the deteriorating service they are getting from Royal Mail and also the continuing attempts to cut the postmen and postwomen’s weekly take home pay. 

We too have taken out a full page advertisement in the national press, also the Advertiser, Wiltshire Gazette and Herald, and the Star which is delivered to almost every address across the borough to put our points across. 

Remember Oxford Rd Post Office, Clifton St, Theatre Square, Fleming Way – they are all now closed. In the new year, the Sandford St Post Office is to be moved into WH Smith in Regent St. The counter staff from Sandford St would then be employed by WH Smith, a saving of wages and property to Royal Mail. Who has the money from the sale of these post offices? Not the CWU members. 

Remember Mr Sadler when you had two deliveries a day, now you are lucky to get one by 2 p.m. 

The next step by Royal Mail was to inform its postmen/women that they would have to work to 62 instead of 60, to make up for Royal Mail’s failure to pay pension contributions for 10 years after they took a pension holiday. 

Royal mail say the CWU is frightened about modernisation. That is simply not true. What Royal Mail mean by modernisation is cuts in service, cuts in pay and cuts in jobs. 

Remember Mr Sadler when your local post box was emptied three times daily. Now the majority are only opened once. 

Very shortly there will be another cut in the service – no Sunday collections. 

In April Royal Mail offered postmen/women a 2.5 per cent pay offer worth £8 a week, with 22 strings attached (rate of inflation in April stood at 4.8 per cent). One of the strings was to change postmen/women’s start time from 5 a.m. to 6.15 a.m. This would have a knock on effect to all companies large and small and the general public. It would mean a further delay in receiving your post. This one hour fifteen minute period is worth £12 shift allowance which is pensionable. No negotiation. Royal Mail just removed the £12, great pay deal, £4 down and still 21 strings to be addressed. 

Allan Leighton, chairman of Royal Mail works one day a week, Adam Crozier has a basic £790,000 a year salary. A postman’s basic salary is £15,600 a year. We would like to apologise to the general public but we are attempting to protect your services as well as our postmen/women’s pay and conditions from continual attack.



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