“Postal pay is heated issue”

This is a response from Roger Seaborn, CWU Divisional Rep, to a letter in the Swindon Advertiser.

You would think from Terry Reynolds’ letter that he knew nothing about the current postal dispute.

In fact Terry is a postman and has been since 1986. He already knows the answer to all of the questions that he has posed.

Well he would know the answer if he chose to read both sides of the argument and not just management’s. But that is his choice, as is his choice not to be a member of the Union.

Terry quotes a pay demand of 22 per cent. He must know this is not true. All that has been asked for is parity with the average in the country over the next five years. Terry asks how many firms are paying out rises of 22 per cent.Well Terry, how much did you get earlier this year?

You see Terry is an HGV driver in Royal Mail. Earlier this year HGV drivers in Royal Mail received a rise of about 18 per cent.He has a go at the Union through his letter, and yet it was the Union who negotiated that rise for all of the HGV drivers, not just the Union members. I don’t recall him saying he did not want it.

The penultimate paragraph in Terry’s letter is the most telling part.He asks, if we get a pay rise, will we take action to get even more money for the HGV drivers so that they get their parity back? It is ok for Terry to have large pay rises and want to keep the differential, but the rest of the postal workers can carry on struggling on low wages.The rest of his fellow workers at his depot came out in support of their fellow workers.

R.Seaborn, CWU Divisional Representative. 


One Response to “Postal pay is heated issue”

  1. A King says:

    Terry Reynolds (not the same T Reynolds that writes all that crap in the Swindon Advertiser is it?) is like a number of shits that are employed at many different work places. All they do is whinge and moan, and never stick up or fight fo their fellow workers, but they are the first to grab all the benefits that other people have fought for. The only thing I’m wondering about is the name Terry, I’m sure it should read (tounge in cheek) Toadying Reynolds!

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