TUC continues campaign for free prescription charges

From the Swindon Advertiser Sept 30th 2008

MEMBERS of Swindon TUC have launched a fresh attack on the Government on prescription charges.


It emerged yesterday that from January people in Northern Ireland will pay just £3 for prescriptions, with them becoming free by April 2010.


The move means England is the only place in the UK where there is no plan to end prescription charges.


Swindon TUC secretary Martin Wicks said: “The decision of the Northern Ireland assembly means that three of the four countries which comprise the UK have abolished or are in the process of abolishing prescription charges for everybody.


“It would be illogical to maintain the charge for England alone and for a decreasing number of people.


“Astronomical sums have been found to bail out the banks, yet all it would require to abolish prescription charges for England would be £430m per year.


“The campaign for complete abolition needs to continue until the government acts so that healthcare is free at the point of need for everybody.”


For more information visit www.abolishprescriptioncharges.wordpress.com  



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