‘We’ll put Council on the spot over cuts’

By Scott McPherson »

A PUBLIC service alliance could soon be set up in Swindon with trade unions and members of the public in one corner and Swindon Council in the other.

The new alliance, which was the outcome of a Swindon Trades Union Council conference last week, would see members from all main unions, including Unite and Unison, pair up with people in the town to question the council over cuts to vital services.

Martin Wicks, Swindon Trades Union Council secretary, said: “We need to challenge the consensus on the need for cuts in public services. Why should we pay the price of bailing out a financial sector which created the global crisis by its profiteering?

In Swindon we do not have the resources to provide the services that local people need. The situation has been worsened by the approach of the council. Its priorities were reflected by the decision to risk £450,000 of our money on the wi-fi scheme, at the same time as cutting local services, including a massive increase in the cost of a place in a care home.

We need to campaign for funding from national government which measures up to our local needs.”

The headline speaker at the meeting was outspoken secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union Mark Serwotka who spoke about the recent cuts to public spending and what this means to the ordinary worker.

Martin Dobson, a member of Unite, said: “I think this is a great and something I would encourage the people of Swindon to take advantage of. This is the voice that people in the town need to challenge decisions made that will affect them.”

A formal vote will be taken at the next meeting of the Swindon TUC on Wednesday, April 7, when it is likely that the alliance will be formed. The council had no comment to make.


One Response to ‘We’ll put Council on the spot over cuts’

  1. Bill Hughes says:

    I am all in favour or your proposals for a Swindon Public Services Alliance and would like to help.
    Bill Hughes

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