Action could hit courts, Jobcentre and tax office

June 1, 2011

1st June 2011

By Adam Kula, Swindon Advertiser

HUNDREDS of civil servants in Swindon could walk out on strike later this month.

Members of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union are said to be “fed up” with Government cuts and have begun a ballot for industrial action.

Not only are we on a pay freeze but they’re about to say we’ll have to make bigger contributions to our pensions, so that’ll be effectively a pay cut.”

– Andy Parsons

The PCS has members in Swindon’s Court Service, the research councils, the HM Revenue and Customs office in Farnsby Street, and the town’s Jobcentre.

It is not known exactly how many members the PCS has in the town, but the union said it is “several hundred”.

Andy Parsons, 48, is secretary of the PCS’ environmental research council branch, based in Swindon.

Mr Parsons, from Goddard Avenue, Old Town, said: “Not only are we on a pay freeze but they’re about to say we’ll have to make bigger contributions to our pensions, so that’ll be effectively a pay cut.

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Nine jobseekers for every job in Duncan Smith’s Cardiff

October 23, 2010

23 October 2010

The city where Iain Duncan Smith claims people from Merthyr Tydfil should go to find work currently has almost nine times more jobseekers than jobs, research by PCS shows.

Figures obtained by the union for the day following the work and pensions secretary’s statement about unemployed workers ‘getting on the bus’, show there are 15,000 people in Cardiff chasing just 1,700 jobs.

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Support strong on second day of civil service strike

March 9, 2010

Sittings in the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Parliament were cancelled today on the second day of a 48 hour UK strike by civil and public servants over cuts to redundancy terms.

The government claims it can do nothing about bankers’ bonuses because of contractual obligations, yet appears content to tear up the contracts of loyal civil servants and change the law to do so.”

Support for the strike remained solid as up to 200,000 members of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) stayed away from work for a second day.
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PCS Members vote for national strike

February 25, 2010

25 February 2010

Up to 270,000 civil and public servants from across the UK are set to launch a month of industrial action with a 48 hour strike on 8 and 9 March in a dispute over unilateral changes to redundancy terms,PCS announced today.

Strike action could hit civil and public services every week of next month from Monday 8 March following strong support in a ballot which saw 63.4% of those voting backing strike action and 81.4% supporting an overtime ban.

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Union supports MP’s concerns for health and safety

April 22, 2008

21 Apr 2008

The work and pensions select committee’s report into ‘The role of the Health and Safety Commission and the Health and Safety Executive in regulating workplace health and safety’


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PCS Pickets in Swindon

May 1, 2007








Above are two pictures of picket lines in Swindon, at the Inland Revenue and the Magistrates Court. This was part of national action by the union against job cuts and privatisation. More action could follow as the government job cull continues.

There is also the prospect of ballots for strike action for local government and NHS workers against the government’s staggered pay increase which adds up to a miserly 1.9%.

Civil servants say yes to national civil service strike

January 26, 2007

23 Jan 2007
Members of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) have overwhelmingly voted for ongoing national industrial action across the civil service as the government continue to fail to give assurances on job security, drive down pay and pursue a dogmatic policy of outsourcing and privatisation.
61.3 % of members taking part in the ballot voted for strike action and 77.9% voted in favour of action short of a strike as key services continue to suffer as a result of the government’s drive to cut 100,000 civil and public service jobs, the use of consultants spirals out of control and staff face below inflation pay offers.

The first stoppage will be a one day strike on 31 January 2007 which is the deadline for self assessment tax returns and will be followed up by a two week overtime ban. In addition to hitting HM Revenue and Customs, the industrial action will impact on over 200 government departments, agencies and non departmental public bodies including, jobcentres, benefit offices, passports, driving exams, the Ministry of Defence, courts service and national museums and galleries.

Commenting, Mark Serwotka, PCS general secretary, said: “This overwhelming vote in favour of industrial action illustrates the depth of anger amongst the government’s own workforce against crude job cuts and below inflation pay offers. Patience has worn thin with services suffering as a result of job cuts, billions being spent on private sector consultants and some of the lowest paid facing a pay cut in real terms.

“The people who have said they will go on strike to defend the services we all take for granted aren’t high flying mandarins or faceless bureaucrats, but hard working and often low paid civil and public servants delivering everything from passports, tax and benefits to supporting our armed forces and driving tests. If the government are going to avoid ongoing industrial action, starting with disruption to the self assessment deadline then they need to give assurances over jobs, services and privatisation as well as making serious headway in tackling pay inequalities and low pay in the civil service and related bodies. I call on the management of the civil service to get around the table with us again and discuss our concerns.”